Former Disability Examiner Exposes Secret to get Social Security Benefits for Epilepsy


I am a former disability examiner for the social security administration’s DDS, or disability determination services. I’m not giving my name for obvious reasons, but I decided to give this testimonial away, to help people with epilepsy and seizures, people who NEEDS those social security benefits. We are talking up to $2,663/month if you get the approval.

There is one absolute true on this: You can file for disability on the basis of any condition. And you can potentially win and receive disability benefits for any condition.

The reason for this is that social security is not concerned with the name of your condition, or your diagnosis. What the social security administration is concerned with is how your condition affects you and limits your ability to engage in work activity.

If your epilepsy/seizures limits your ability to do your work, and limits it to the extent that you can’t earn what is called SGA, or substantial gainful activity, then you will be approved for disability.


As I said, it is not the name of the condition but how it limits you. And the evidence of that will be contained in your medical records.

In your case, the disability examiner or the disability judge (depending on what level your claim is at) will not only consider epilepsy, but also depression, as long as it has been mentioned in your medical records, or mentioned by you on your disability application.

Many claimants do not realize this, but social security will consider every single condition listed in your medical records, not just the conditions you decide to list on your disability application.

But that’s not all. You need to know if you are actually elegible for disability benefits. The social security administration has a very specific criteria (known only for a few) you can check here, or in the link above. If, according the site, you qualify, I strongly suggest that you keep on with the process, and see what you can really expect for your case. Let people help you!

do i qualify.

As I said, every case is different from the other. You can really make the difference with the right help.

Wish you best of luck.


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